3 Different Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets

It can be hard to look on Instagram and constantly see beautiful kitchens that will never fit inside your budget. If you have a kitchen that looks old and outdated but you don't have enough money to do everything, you may want to cut costs where you can. 

One of the most expensive parts of any kitchen remodel is typically the cabinets. Depending on the material you go with, they can cost over $25,000, while something like the countertops cost just a couple thousand dollars. Rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things that you can do to revamp them which can save you tons of money in the long run. 

Get Them Repainted

Painted cabinets aren't just a fun trend; they are a trend that you can take part in without spending much money. The tricky thing about painting cabinets yourself is that they require a lot of sanding and several coats of paint on the outside and inside of the cabinets, which can be hard to do by yourself.

Consider hiring out a painting contractor to come out to your house and paint them for you. Not only do professional painters have the experience, but they also use specific types of paints that adhere better to cabinets, like lacquer paint. Whether you choose a subtle paint color like white or cream or you go for something trendy like navy blue or forest green, you will see your kitchen completely transform after they are all done. 

Get Them Refaced

If you don't like the style or material of your cabinets, then consider having them completely refaced. Cabinet refacing simply involves taking all of the fronts off of your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new fronts while keeping the base. The great thing about getting your cabinets refaced is that they will look like new again. Because more and more people are choosing this option, you can get a variety of different styles, including shaker, traditional, contemporary, and slab. 

Put Hardware On Them

Whether you have your cabinets painted or you have them refaced, putting new hardware on them is another great way to update them. Some popular trends right now in cabinet hardware are brass knobs and pulls with a streamlined look. 

If you have existing hardware on your existing cabinets but the holes don't align with the new hardware that you want, then have your painter fill the holes in with wood filler. 

If you want to learn a little bit more, reach out to a cabinet refacing service like 180Kitchens